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About Pandi

Pandi Liquidadores SRL was founded on the 1st of July 1970 by Mr. Constantino Trigub Clover, after working for several years in the maritime field handling claims for the ex-Delta Line, a local agency, the former Argentine State Fleet ELMA and running the commercial P&I department in Edye, Roche, de la Vega & Ray law firm.

Since its inception and under the management of Mr. Trigub Clover, the Company acted as a pure P&I correspondent for several P&I Clubs attending all ports in Argentina and Paraguay, gaining through the years a vast experience in the field and prestige in the marine industry.

In 1989, with much regret, the founder passed away and his son, Mr. Alberto Pedro Trigub, continued with the management of the Company which he still runs today. Since then, the Firm continued to grow, being listed as commercial correspondent for the vast majority of P&I Clubs within the International Group (IGP&I) and other related underwriters.

Pandi is a family business whose third generation has now joined to keep the Company as a leading P&I correspondent. Pandi has always worked under a gentleman’s agreement with its Principals, which is based on very tight and close relationships. It considers the traditional principle of trust and loyalty as its cornerstone and it is zealously observed and passed on from generation to generation in the Firm.


Pandi Liquidadores is committed to strengthen the solid principles upon which it has been founded with the capability of adapting to the developments and changes that the industry demands. The primary objective of the Company is to meet the highest standards of professionalism and to add value to the services provided by the Clubs to their Members: Pandi works proactively in order to satisfy their demands and expectations. It puts special focus on response, communication, training, innovation and technology.

Response: To respond no matter what. The Company is available and reachable 24 hours round the clock throughout the year. See our contact details

Training: promotes and supports the training of its staff. It also endeavors its efforts so that its longstanding network of lawyers, surveyors and other experts respond accordingly. In addition, Pandi has organized different meetings and seminars, which also strengthens its relationships with local players, and will keep doing so.

Communication, innovation and technology: throughout these years Pandi worked under the premise of being leaders. Significant resources are invested as a consequence, in order to provide prompt and effective advice and assistance before, during and after any casualty.

Pandi led the most innovative IT development for P&I correspondents under the name of FullAhead: a state-of-the-art paperless and web based IT system which has been specially designed for correspondents by correspondents. Learn more in www.fullaheadweb.com.

In addition, Pandi has an active role collaborating with the industry locally, regionally and internationally, with the aim of protecting common interests and improving the conditions and environment which our Principals have to face during the course of their business for the benefit of all: the Company, the Clubs and their Members. On this regard, in 2001 Pandi was one of the co-founding members of the South American P&I Correspondents Association (SAPIC) an informal, non profit-making organization which has been growing steadily. Read more in www.sapic.org. In the same line, the Company collaborates closely with the IGP&I (www.igpandi.org) and other relevant organizations.

Pandi Liquidadores has gained a renowned name and place for itself not only in the local but also in the international P&I insurance and marine industry.