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As a club minded Company, Pandi provides all the traditional services as a P&I Correspondent, but also adapts to a developing and changing environment in order to satisfy the Clubs’ and their Members’ requirements.


Pandi Liquidadores provides, mainly, services for handling claims, surveys and loss prevention based on more than 45 years of experience and in-depth-knowledge of international and local law, regulations, use and customs. Not only of Argentina and Paraguay, but also of other neighbouring countries: this became necessary as a consequence of the growing waterways system known as Hidrovia, which covers the brown water trade among Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Pandi deals with all sorts of cases, such as collisions, damages to fixed and floating objects (FFO), wreck removal, loss of and damage to cargo, disputes under charterparties and others contacts of affreightment, personal injuries, stowaways and P&I condition surveys to name some of them. Remarkably, the Company has gained particular experience in pollution matters, having been involved in the largest spills in South America.

Nowadays, the Firm also assists the Associations in matters involving different covers such as hull & machinery, strike, loss of hire and freight, demurrage and defense (FDD). Besides, Pandi handles precautionary surveys, including but not limited to inspections of holds and tanks, draft surveys, bunkers surveys, tallies, sealing of hatches and tanks and loading and off-loading surveys.

Furthermore, Pandi Liquidadores:

  • covers the issues arising from the multimodal transport chain;
  • approaches and sets up close relationships with authorities and local entities;
  • cooperates proactively with Clubs and Members’ loss prevention;
  • evaluates permanently the general scenario in the countries in which it is involved, in order to keep its Principals updated on local regulations, news, etcetera;
  • is a founding member of the South American P&I Correspondents Association (SAPIC) and collaborates with other international organizations.


Pandi works 24 hours round the clock during the 365 days of the year. In addition to the usual after hour phone numbers, it has an exclusive “On Duty” mobile phone, which is rotated among the staff once a week and where the claim handler on duty can be reached at any time.

From the office located in the heart of the commercial and financial district of the City of Buenos Aires, the Company handles all the ports in the country plus those in Paraguay and Bolivia by using a longstanding network of independent surveyors, lawyers and other experts. The claims handlers are available to attend on site where and when necessary.

Pandi has the capability, on terms of infrastructure, human and technological resources, to handle efficiently minor claims and major casualties in a cost/effective basis. With contingency planning in place, Pandi is ready to assist at any time with knowledge, logistics and co-ordination to achieve a successful team effort.

When dealing with matters in which there are conflicting interests between the parties involved, with the previous consent of its Principals, Pandi assigns the matter to different claims handlers, setting-up a strict “Chinese-Wall” within the office to secure the independency and confidentiality of each file, which has worked in a tight way over the last half century.